• Polarium has currently achieved Level 4 New Distribution Capability (NDC) certification as an aggregator and Level 3 as an IT provider from the International Air Transport Association (IATA), the highest level. It will allow agents to provide a more personalized service to travelers through tailoring airline offers to meet the specific needs of individuals and traveler groups base on direct connection with the airlines using NDC APIs.

  • Polarium works with Hyundai Card PRIVIA Travel in the development and operation of systems for product management, product search, and booking management. We sell flight tickets for all air routes and support various hotel and accommodation search engines providing information on travel itineraries, events, etc. We use an algorithm to find the best combinations of flight, hotel, and price based on the customer’s search history, and have partnerships with meta searching services such as Naver, Kakao Talk, Gmarket, Skyscanner, Kayak, etc.

  • Polarium develops and operates the product management, product search, and booking systems of Tidesquare Tourvis travel service. We provide LCC and NDC services, which offer direct access to many airlines (Lufthansa, British Airways, Jin Air, Hong Kong Express Airways, SCOOT, and AirAsia). We use an algorithm to find the best combinations of flight, hotel, and price based on the customer’s search history, and have partnerships with meta searching services such as Kayak, 11st, Gmarket, TMON, etc.

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Polarium is a travel technology company.
Our main business is travel services, operated on two fronts: flights and hotels.
As of May 2019, out of the 120 members of Polarium, 60% work in development, 20% in planning, and 15% in design. With around 95% of platform development-related personnel, Polarium is a technology-driven IT company.

KRW 77 million in 2016
KRW 3.15 billion in 2017
KRW 7.35 billion in 2018
These is our sales development for three years since our establishment in April 2016, reaching 9,500% of sales growth in just 2 years compared to the first year. Such rapid sales growth in a short period of time can be attributed to the technical competitiveness of Polarium.
With new technology as our growth engine, we aim for a virtuous cycle that stabilizes the business based on proprietary technology.

Core businesses of Polarium:
1. XML-based NDC standard support platform business for flight booking
2. GDS/NDC/LCC Aggregator IBE (Internet Booking Engine) platform business
3. Direct-contracted platform business for hotel booking business of OTA
4. Extensive hotel booking platform business via hotel wholesaler

Polarium provides various types of platforms for online booking of flights and hotels, rarely seen among technology companies in Korea. Our goal is to create a business ecosystem through a platform, instead of a short-term development project.

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08 Acquired IATA NDC Level 3 authorization for the first time in Korea and 7th around the world
07Acquired Korea’s first IATA Strategic Partnership
05Developed a next generation unified sales and management system for flights, selected by the Institute for Information and Communications Technology Promotion to carry out the Information and Communications Application Technology Development Project
08 Developed the NDC-based Next Generation IBE designated as the final choice to carry out the Industry-Academy-Institute Technology Development Project (First Step Project)
06 Registered the software copyright at the Korea Copyright Commission (for mobile contents management system, message tracking system, online marketing support system)
Established corporate affiliated R&D center (OTA Platform Institute)
Certified as a venture business (Korea Technology Finance Corporation)
10 Relocated the headquarters to Seocho-gu
08 Established Polarium in Gangnam-gu


We are now creating our organizational culture step by step. Having grown so rapidly in such a short period of time, we couldn’t lay a strong enough foundation, but always keep in mind the philosophy of Polarium. We strive to grow together with our members.

Polarium respects the expertise of IT technicians. All decision making and work is based on mutual understanding and discussions rather than a strict line-of-command system. We welcome opinions towards the better direction and positively support the technical training for our members.

We don’t squeeze out the passion of our members but encourage them to balance work and life. While there is no chronic overtime or overwork, sometimes overtime might be necessary due to the characteristics of the work or applications for leave may be unavailable. Schedules should be adjusted between teams or within a team, and overtime work and leaves within the schedule are up to members.

We discourage formal reports and meetings. Anyone can call a meeting and communicate with members whenever necessary. Decision making, work support requests, and progress sharing are made through a project tracking tool, including groupware or JIRA. We don’t waste our precious resources on making reports and having meeting for the sake of it.